What is your booking process?

Once you have accepted our quote, we will issue the relevant delivery contract, book your skipper and crew and carry out your delivery at a time to suit you and with a good weather window.

What will it cost?

We will work out a price based on the time it will take to get from A to B.
Additional costs will be crew travel, fuel and moorings en route.

Do you charge more for delays?

We will estimate how long it should take to complete the delivery.  We accept that the weather can delay things and will absorb a reasonable amount of delay.  If the delay looks to be prolonged, we will communicate with you to find the best solution.  We are transparent about everything with no fake promises.

What safety equipment do we need to have on board?

We will require an in-service liferaft, in-date flares, boat hook, fire extinguishers, basic MOB equipment and a radar reflector.  We will discuss this with you.

Will the boat be deep cleaned when it reaches the destination?

Our crew will always clean your boat at the end of a delivery.  This will include a wash down to the topsides and deck, all used cabins, the heads, saloon and galley.  We won’t be able to detail or polish the boat, but we certainly would like to leave no trace of us having been on board.

What about insurance?

This is a very tricky subject with yacht deliveries.  Many skippers/delivery companies do not have insurance but rely on your hull insurance.  Hornblower Ltd has full professional indemnity, employer and employee liability, and public liability insurance.  On top of this, all of our skippers hold a professional third-party liability insurance policy.  Feel free to call us to discuss this.  It can be a very grey area.

How soon can you deliver my boat?

As soon as we have the right weather, the right skipper and crew and a green light from you!

Can we track the boat on delivery?

f your boat has AIS, then using an app like Marine Traffic will work as long as the boat is in range of land/VHF.  For longer deliveries we will have a Garmin tracker onboard so we can stay in touch with the boat throughout as well as track their progress.

Do you charge for advice?

Absolutely not.  We are always happy to help, especially if it gives you peace of mind, more confidence or a solution to a problem.

We’d really benefit from being better at parking the boat in marinas. Can you help?

Yes!  It’s something that Tim loves to teach.  Learning to handle your boat in close-quarters situations will give you the confidence to use the boat more.  1 day is always a good start, and you’ll be amazed how quickly your confidence grows.

Can you give RYA qualifications?

All of our skipper instructors are RYA cruising or RYA Yachtmaster instructors.  However, to issue certification, we need to be an RYA recognised training centre, which we are not.  However, we can partner with our colleagues at other yacht schools and issue your certification through them.

Can you supply a skipper to take us out so we can entertain our friends?

Absolutely.  Let us look after your boat so you can enjoy your day with friends.